Common Questions About Beryl

Where will Beryl travel to?

Beryl is based in Witham, Essex. Because of the towing required it can take a while to for us to travel places. Our prices are based within 25 miles of Witham but of course if would like us to travel further and are willing to contribute to the added cost of this then we’d be happy to accommodate you.

How does the photo booth work?

Beryl is a fully automated photo booth. All your guests see is a screen and a big illuminated button. The screen will invite your guests to push the button and from there everything is automatic. A countdown will warn your guests before each photograph is taken and will display the images briefly before moving on. See our how it works page for more.

How long does Beryl take to set up

We need at least an hour to ensure she’s perfect. Of course we can arrange to come earlier in the day or even the day before in some cases. We need about forty-five minutes to close down.

Is there someone in Beryl taking the pictures?


No, it’s fully automatic.

How long does it take to print the pictures, and are they good quality?

It takes less than fifteen seconds to print each 6×4 print. They’re usually done by the time each guest leaves Beryl. They are printed using a Canon photo printer

How much room does Beryl need?

Beryl needs approximately 5 meters by 5 meters to pitch and for all the outside decorations. She also needs a place to park her vehicle (out of sight)

Does Beryl come with props?

Yes! More than you can imagine! We’re forever sourcing fun vintage and more modern props. from inflatables to old fashioned squash rackets!

Can I provide my own props?

Yes of course, you can also decorate Beryl as you wish to match your theme.  

How big is Beryl?

Beryl is a Sprite caravan and is only 7ft4 high, 13ft long, 6ft6 wide (her body is even smaller) we can fit 6 (maybe 8 people in each photo) but have managed 10 once!

Can I have digital copies of the pictures?

Yes of course, You will be given a memory stick with all the images on and pictures will be uploaded to an album on Beryls Facebook page for you to share. 

Do you provide a guestbook?

Yes we do, and we even supply the glue & pens for guests to leave you a message. You are welcome to supply your own guestbook so it matches your theme. 

What happens if Beryl is running late?

We pride ourselves on providing an exemplary service, but sometimes things are beyond our control. In these circumstances we promise to stay as long as contracted, even if that means being there late in to the night.

Will there be someone there to help?

Yes, we always provide a smartly dressed member of staffed who is trained and knows how everything works.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

To secure Beryl for your special day we do ask for a £100 deposit and for an online booking form to be filled out. There is no booking until both of these things have been done. 

Does Beryl have insurance? & PAT test certificate.

Yes, Beryl has £10 million public liability insurance. and is also PAT tested, and can either be emailed to you or the venue direct. 

What happens if its raining?

Nobody can guarantee the Great British weather, so we have invested in the top of the range vintage selfie pod with a back drop to suit. Beryl can stay parked up outside and we bring the fun & props inside, ensuring your guests have a great time.

Any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us