How it works

What Beryl needs and how she’ll make your wedding or party that bit more special

Beryl will travel within Essex, East London, and surrounding areas such as southern parts of Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire. We will travel further but this might incur a small extra charge, to cover time, fuel & costs

Beryl needs a good 5m x 5m area to pitch and set up, and we’ll need a place to park a vehicle too. So keep this in mind. We’re happy to liaise with the venue and to discuss any further plans. 

As a photo booth, Beryl requires a power-supply from your venue in order to operate. Most of our photo equipment is low-voltage so a single 240v outlet will sufficient (we don’t like noisy generators) 

Beryl is fully automated, there will be nobody else in Beryl with you taking the photos. Just push a button and watch the screen. But remember to look at the camera when the pictures are taken!

Photos are taken using a Nikon DLSR which is tethered to a computer, which in turn is tethered to a printer. We’ve tested this extensively at a number of weddings and parties, and have a proven track record of reliability.

Photos are immediately printed on a top-of-the-range canon printer, They print in around 15 seconds, and come out of the printer dry, ready to be handled.

Beryl is 7ft 4 inches high, 13ft long & 6ft 6 inches wide and will be positioned where you decide.